STW 5.25 inch LCD Front Panel CPU Cooling Fan Speed Controller Temperature Monitor PC Drive Bay

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1. Brand: STW
2. Model: 5036
3. Item: Cooling fan speed controller
4. Installation position: Optical drive bay
5. Controlled Fans: 5 Groups fan
6. Cable Length: 60cm
7. LCD Color: Colorful
8. Output voltage: 5v-12v
9. Input voltage: 5v and 12v
10. Power: 10W each group, total 50W
11. Dimension: 150 * 77 * 43mm


1. Intelligent control system, monitor your computer’s temperature and automatically adjust 5 groups cooling fan speed.
2. And you could also set the fan speed by yourself.
3. Alarm system, you could set a warning temperature, when it is overheat or when the fan fails, it will turn on the alarm.
4. LCD screen displaying, showing the temperature, fan speed, alarm temperature, so that you could keep an eye on the working condition.
5. Suits for optical drive position installation, supports 90% desktop PC on the market.


1. Press the temperature to show the ℃/℉, long press can enter the overheat alarm setting state, you could set the alarm temperature through "+" and "-".
2. "+", you could increase the fan speed in manual mode.
3. "-", you could low the fan speed in manual mode.
4. Press the efficent Mode to adjust the fan speed in the lowest or highest output power.

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1 * STW 5.25 inch LCD Front Panel CPU Cooling Fan Speed Temperature Controller for Desktop PC