G1/4 Aluminum 8 Tube 120mm Computer Water Cooling Radiator Cooler For CPU Heat Sink

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1. Item: Water Cooling Radiator
2. Size:130x100x30mm
3. System features: pure aluminum fins, 1 inch 17 - 20 fin
4. Fin density:18 lines per inch
5. Flat tube number: 8
6. The sealing process: vacuum aluminum brazing
7. Parts brazing seal as a whole
8. mounting hole size: 105×105MM
9. Surface treatment: dark green paint
10. Mouth: 9.5MM
11. Joint: disposable stainless steel band


1. Dark green paint, improve the efficiency of heat transfer, if the purchase of a large quantity water outlet direction and surface color can be customized according to customer needs
2. Suitable for computer CPU cooling, industrial frequency conversion driver, laser head cooling, air conditioning evaporator and industrial control cabinet cooling   
3. Can be installed 120mm fan.
Package included:

1 * G1/4 Aluminum  8 Tube 120mm Computer Water Cooling Radiator